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What Size Mattress Should You Be Sleeping On_

What Size Mattress Should You Be Sleeping On?

Find the best mattress for your slumber with the help of iRize!

When it comes to selecting a mattress that’s best for you, comfort is key. You want to be able to sleep on a mattress that can help you drift into dreamland, help you sleep through the night, and leave you refreshed and wide-eyed and bushy-tailed when you wake!

Is your current mattress doing this?

One other thing to point out is that people often tend to choose a smaller mattress because they’re often more cost-effective, but then they end up sleeping on something that is too small and uncomfortable for all parties involved. When you shop our online mattress store, we offer competitive prices on all of our mattresses, so you can walk away with the one you truly love!

At iRize, we have a variety of the best mattresses to help you fall asleep and stay asleep! Learn more about what size of mattress you should be sleeping on for a good night’s sleep!

Choosing The Right Sized Mattress for You!

While your bed’s firmness, the sheets, what you wear to bed, and even your partner’s sleeping patterns make a difference in how well you sleep, good sleep always begins with an appropriately sized bed. So, what are your needs?

How much room do you need?

The first question begs to be answered, what kind of sleeper are you? No, it’s not what you imagine you are; it’s the sleeping habits that you’re known for! Do you stay close to the edge on your “side,” or do you sprawl out with your limbs flying wildly every which way? Whatever you do, there is a mattress size that can accommodate it!

Full-Size Mattress

A full-size mattress still has many great uses, even though this may not be the mattress size for both. This size is great for one person and is a good option for your spare bedroom. A full-size mattress is also great for kids.

If you really want to snuggle up and be close with your partner — the entire night — a full-size mattress can work, and you never know, it could strengthen your relationship! Couples who sleep and snuggle close to each other are reported to have happier relationships!   

One of the biggest caveats to a full-size mattress is that they’re short, and typically can only accommodate people who are no taller than five feet! So, if you and your partner top out well above five feet, for comfort’s sake, you might consider a larger, longer mattress. 

A full-size mattress, again, is a great starter mattress for kids because they can adapt with them as they grow; however, you may want to avoid a full-size mattress if they’re in their teens and still growing.

Queen Mattress

If you prefer a little more space, a queen mattress is an excellent choice. For couples, it still allows you to get close, but keep your space as you sleep. And, if you have a partner or you are that partner(!) that rolls around and kicks, a queen mattress provides a little more of a buffer! 

A queen mattress really is good for anyone, but it’s much better for taller folks.


King Mattress

With 38 royal inches of horizontal sleeping space, couples have enough room to roll over and get the space you need, when you need it. You (or your partner) can also take up your space while your partner has enough to move and roll around as they please — it’s a happy medium for couples who need more space. 


California King

The California king mattress is the mattress you wave to your partner from across the bed! It’s the mattress with the most space — horizontal and vertical — and can accommodate tall people perfectly! If you need a roomy bed, a California king is it!

A mattress plays an integral role in how you sleep, so it’s important that it begins with one that is comfortable and can accommodate what you need, and while a queen bed is the number one choice for couples, the full, king, and California king mattresses all have their purposes!

For more information on the models and sizes of mattresses we carry, browse our online mattress shop today!



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