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What is the Best Mattress For Your Body?

Is it time for a new mattress? Find one that checks all the boxes!

Restful, peaceful slumber is dependent on many variables — room temperature, stress levels, and the comfort of your mattress — when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep, the mattress you sleep on should be your top priority.


At iRize, we have a collection of quality mattresses that tackle all the sleep issues you may have. Learn more about what the best mattress is for your body in today’s post.  


Choosing the Right Mattress

Once upon a time, choosing the right mattress was no sweat — you walked into your local mattress store and looked at a couple of models and walked out with the one you liked the best. Nowadays, there are so many mattress models to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start or what mattress is best for you. 


So, let’s get to work! 


Mattress Basics

Although you may have a preference for a specific mattress, it may not always be ideal and it could even be the culprit to your disrupted sleep! Below are some major takeaways for how a mattress should support you. 


Your body needs to be supported neutrally. This entails a mattress that doesn’t sag or one that is so soft that all your parts are not equally supported. Everything from your spine to your heels need to be in proper alignment. 


A mattress that veers off into any one extreme direction — too soft or too firm — will leave you sore and achy, not to mention tired, in the morning.  


What’s the Best Mattress For Your Body?

While there are many choices of mattresses, there are a couple of guidelines you may want to consider when purchasing a new mattress.


Best Mattress For Petite/Kid Sleepers

For smaller, lighter sleepers, a softer mattress may be a better choice because a firm mattress often prods and pokes causing localized pain in shoulders or hips, and sometimes a pins-and-needles sensation. 


The benefit of a soft mattress is that it promotes essential spine alignment. Less dense foams can even be a good option because they don’t wear out as fast and are oftentimes a more affordable option.


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Best Mattress For Larger/Heavier Sleepers

For larger/heavier sleepers, a balanced mattress is key — one that is equally firm as it is soft. But, what does that even mean?! Look for mattresses that not only have innerspring coils but also thicker foam that rests on the soils. 


If the mattress is too soft, the sleeper will sink, placing extra stress on the shoulder and hips, leading to back pain. The last thing you want is back pain as a result of your mattress! 


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Best Mattress For Athletes

For an avid fitness enthusiast, that partakes in running, weightlifting, swimming, cycling, yoga, and beyond, sleep plays a vital role in muscle recovery. Both a memory foam mattress or a hybrid (memory foam and innerspring coils) are a great choice for those who are active.


It’s also important to choose a mattress with a variety of quality foams. 


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Best Mattress For Pregnancy

Pregnancy introduces a whole new set of challenges, and sleep can be a real struggle. There are very specific needs that a pregnant person requires — look for temperature-control mattresses, a memory foam bed, or a hybrid. 


A firmer bed is also suggested to reduce sinkage and issues with getting out of the bed, especially when you’re up at all hours needing to use the bathroom! 


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The iRize Mattress that’s just right!

There are a variety of mattresses that support your sleep no matter what specific concerns you may have — from a small or large shape to being an athlete or pregnant. 


iRize can support your sleep! 

Why else choose iRize? We have at least 11 reasons, but most importantly, we have a 99% five-star rating spanning all review sites — people are choosing iRize over the competition! 


Try an iRize mattress today!

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