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Peeling Back the Layers: All About The Different Foam Layers

In the world of mattresses, what are the different types of memory foam that you’ll encounter?

Sleep, or a lack thereof, can impact our lives, health, and overall well-being far more than we give it credit for, which makes the kind of mattress you’re sleeping on all the more vital. 

At Irize, we have a variety of mattresses from memory foam to hybrids that will improve how you hit the hay each night! Take a moment with us today and learn more about the types of foam in your memory foam mattress!

Before memory foam, there is polyurethane foam!

Before we explore the different types of memory foam, we first have to understand what a polyurethane foam is. 

Polyurethane foam is one of the most common mattress layers and it’s very similar to memory foam but it skips the additional chemicals in manufacturing that allows your body to “melt” into the mattress. There are three grades to this foam that gives it its unique firm or soft qualities, making it very versatile. 

People prefer to skip the polyurethane layers and invest a little more in their mattress for better support, less off-gassing, and to avoid permanent indentations over time. 

This is much of the reason memory foam is the most popular foam mattress choice. 

Three Types of Memory Foam

While there are many types of foam used in mattresses, let’s examine the three most common types of memory foam.

Traditional Memory Foam  

This type of memory foam has been on the market for roughly 15 years and resembles the same materials and manufacturing processes of polyurethane foam, however, chemicals are added to increase its viscosity and density. 

It received the name “memory foam” because of its unique characteristics of conforming to your body while retaining the impression as you sleep. It’s important to mention that the higher the number or rating memory foam has, the better ability it can conform to your body under pressure and heat, in addition to better durability. 

Traditional memory foam was designed to improve sleep by increasing circulation while decreasing the pressure and stress on joints. 

Open Cell Memory Foam

One of the issues some people have with traditional memory foam is the excessive heat it can produce, which is how open cell memory foam was developed. This memory foam avoids excessive heat retention and responds to body temperature to ensure a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Gel Memory Foam

Gel foam is also used as an alternative to traditional memory foam and achieves what open cell memory foam does — a cooler night’s sleep. In addition, it is known for its superb quality in supporting those with chronic neck and back pain. 

iRize knows memory foam!

While we have a variety of mattresses, a majority of our inventory are memory foam and hybrid mattresses! We’ve crafted a collection of mattresses that use a myriad of foams including:

  • 1” swirl visco-elastic memory foam
  • 1.5” copper=graphite infused memory foam
  • 2” gel swirl memory foam
  • 2” iRest transition foam
  • 6” high-density base foam
  • 8” high-density foam

Not sure which memory foam mattress is right for you? 

Get assistance and learn more about our mattresses today! We’re sure you’ll find one you love!

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