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Improve Your Sleep With An Adjustable Base

What is your mattress on?

Your bed is a sanctuary, and it’s arguably the most vital component of your home, which is why you need a mattress and an adjustable base to keep you comfy and cozy all night long so you can get deep, restorative sleep!

At iRize, all of our mattresses come with a free adjustable base! Learn more on how this can improve your sleep night after night — with the right mattress alongside it, of course!


What is an adjustable bed, anyway?

An adjustable bed is an innovative way to help keep people comfortable as they sleep. Traditional beds come with box springs or other surfaces that a mattress rests on — they all have one feature in common, they’re flat! 

An adjustable base provides you with a personalized sleep experience that takes your daily sleep into consideration. The adjustable base moves with you and can be fitted into a variety of positions to aid in better sleep night after night! 

Our adjustable base was made to be compatible with a model of an iRize mattress that adjusts your bed’s angles to revel in a broad range of ergonomic sleeping positions for the support traditional beds just don’t provide. 


How can an adjustable base improve sleep?

An adjustable base is a great investment (and with a purchase of an iRize mattress you get one for free) because it can evolve around your ever-changing sleep needs and patterns. What can an adjustable base do for you? Let’s dive into the benefits below!


Snoring and Sleep Apnea Support 

If you or someone you sleep with chronically snores or has sleep apnea issues, an adjustable bed may better remedy these things! 

Positioning your bed in a more upright position keeps the nasal and breathing passageways clear and unobstructed, minimizing snoring and issues with sleep apnea. Elevating your body allows for the ultimate airflow, making breathing easier. 


Heart Health 

If you’re on an old mattress and bedframe, your body won’t always lay flat over the surface and can put pressure on different parts of your body. And, even lying flat on a surface can cause your heart to work harder than it has to. 

With an adjustable bed, you can position your bed in a different angle that helps facilitate blood flow, helping get blood oxygenated and moving around your entire body more efficiently. 


Body Rehabilitation

An adjustable bed is ideal to have if you’re recovering from surgery. Many people find that when trying to heal after shoulder, hip, back, and leg surgery it can be extremely uncomfortable to try and relax and get sleep in a traditional bed. In fact, many people end up investing in a recliner chair because that’s the most comfortable option. 

If you anticipate surgery, an adjustable base may aid you in your road to recovery by allowing you to customize how you sleep, in a position that’s most comfortable.


Better Posture

Sure, your bed may not fix your overall posture, but it can turn your sleeping posture around! If you’re prone to sleeping on your stomach (which can cause issues to your spine) an adjustable bed can help correct our bad bed postures and sleeping habits. 

When your bed is at an angle, it prevents you from rolling onto your stomach, better supporting the natural curvature of your spine. 



How many of you use your bed for other purposes such as lounging around reading, righting, and binging shows? You may even use your bed as an at-home office. A great advantage of an adjustable base is that you can do all of these things, comfortably and ergonomically! 



Above all, an adjustable base gives you customization, therefore independence to how you sleep and do life. You have the freedom to adjust your bed to sit upright with a book or angle it exactly how you need after surgery. 


Position yourself for a better night’s sleep with an adjustable base!

Don’t just lie there on a flat surface that disrupts your sleep and leaves you stiff and achy in the morning. Instead, revel in the benefits of an adjustable base that supports your health in a variety of ways!

Are you ready to sleep better and feel your best in the morning? An iRize bed is ready and waiting for you! Shop today!  


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