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How To Size Your Mattress To Fit your Room

Make sure you can fit your new mattress into your room — iRize can help!

In our last blog, we covered the topic of choosing the right size mattress for comfort and sleep patterns, but you can run into a huge issue if it doesn’t fit in your home, let alone your room!

At iRize, we have a full range of mattress sizes that will fit into almost every space and provide a cozy and dreamy night’s sleep. Join us in today’s post as we decipher the right size mattress for your bedroom!

There are many factors that are related to how well you sleep, and we’ve covered a great deal of them, but one glaring thing that is often overlooked is what size of mattress will your bedroom accommodate? This is huge. You don’t want to buy the perfect mattress only to realize you can’t fit it into your front entrance or get it into your bedroom realizing your room is all mattress — no walking space!

Let’s dive into mattress considerations to take to ensure it’s the right size for your bedroom.

Know the size of your bedroom.

When it comes to choosing the right size mattress for your bedroom, you need to know the actual dimensions and not rely on what you think will fit! Break out your dusty tape measure and get the width and length, in addition to the door frame measurements. And, if you really want to get detailed, measure how much room you have from your bedroom door and what surrounds it. Often people find out that no matter how much they maneuver, sometimes you just don’t have enough room outside of your bedroom door to squeeze it in. 

There are many resources online that can give you a visual model of your room, with the ability to put in different sized beds and furniture to see how it looks. 

What does a typical day look like?

Imagine what goes on in your bedroom on a typical day. What does your routine look like? Do you get up early and get ready in another room? Or, do you begin each day with a yoga flow? This will matter greatly when it comes to a mattress that will fit. 

How would you feel with a larger bed? Cramped or indifferent? How about a smaller bed? Would that allow you more space for the activities you enjoy?

At the end of the day, you have to come to a happy medium when it comes to the size of the mattress that will fit comfortably in your room — it’s all about the quality of life a larger or smaller mattress might bring. 

What are your future bedroom plans? 

Perhaps you’re just beginning to decorate your bedroom — if this is the case, you always want to consider what you plan on decorating it with. Will you be adding a reading nook or an entertainment center? These are things you’ll need to factor in. 

A small space doesn’t always mean a small bed!

While you may have to get more creative if you live in a small space, it doesn’t automatically rule out a queen or king size mattress. There are bed frames with extra storage space that are great for small spaces, in addition to split mattresses that can help you get a larger bed into a tight entryway. 

You may also want to consider different room layouts and creative ways to help get the mattress you love in the space you live in.

Considering what mattress size you’ll need is just one more piece to selecting a mattress you’ll love. Know the dimensions of your room, what your daily routine is like, and what you may add to the room in the future — all of these things can help you come to a happy medium when selecting a mattress size. 

iRize has the perfect mattress size!

At iRize, we carry a variety of mattress sizes to accommodate any space, and you’ll always walk away with a mattress you love — it’s our guarantee! From our iRize Original to our iRize Ice Hybrid there’s a better night’s sleep waiting for you. 

For more information on our mattresses, connect with us today!

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