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Can a Better Mattress Ease Lower Back Pain?

Learn how a quality mattress can support your lower back!

Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent health conditions Americans confront, with nearly 80% of people experiencing this at some point in their lifetime. Lower back pain is also one of the most common causes of job-related disability that leads to a large number of missed work days by employees.


Can a mattress really improve lower back pain?

At iRize, we’ve created a collection of mattresses that are ideal for promoting healthy posture and improved body alignment. Take a moment with us today and learn how a mattress may ease back pain!


How an Old Mattress Leave You Tossing and Turning

There are many things that may contribute to lower back pain — a demanding physical job, sitting at a desk all day, excess weight, pain resulting from a trauma or injury, etc. — but even an old mattress could be the offender. 


As a mattress ages, it begins to sag. So instead of sleeping on a flat, cozy surface, you begin to sink into a sagging middle — much like a hole that’s pulling you in. Your body is contorted and unsupported, leaving your body — especially your lower back — in pain. 


Not only do you wake up sore, but you also wake up tired. The awkward positions during the night make it next to impossible to get the restful, full night of sleep you need for a productive next day. 


At the end of the day, it could be very likely that your old mattress is causing your back pain or adding to it, which makes finding a new mattress imperative!     


What mattress considerations should you take if you’re dealing with lower back pain?

It’s important to point out the features a mattress has because support and firmness are not the same things. You can have an incredibly firm mattress that has no support and a plush mattress that provides uncanny support. 


A mattress should be comfortable without adding any pressure to different parts of your body — you should be able to relax and your body should feel aligned. 


What is firmness?

Firmness is pretty subjective because it’s a feeling that a person gets when they lay on the mattress. Mattress companies also make many of their mattresses on a continuum from soft to firm, so there are some qualifiers there. 


Many consumers are led to believe that a firm mattress is ideal for lower back pain, and this is necessarily the full picture. If you’re managing lower back pain, a balanced mattress — typically a medium-firm mattress — may be the best choice. You have to find harmony in the support it provides, coupled with the softness you need for comfort. 


What it really comes down to, is that when you lie in bed, there should be no pressure on your lower back. 


Other Mattress Factors To Consider

There are many other factors to consider when you’re on the hunt for the perfect mattress to support your back. 


Weight – Depending on if you’re a heavier or lighter person, the ideal firmness may be determined by weight. If you’re over 230 pounds, a medium-firm mattress will be a good place to start, while a lighter person or child will typically do well with a softer mattress. You just want to ensure that there is no middle sagging or sinking. 


Sleeping style – The sleeping style you have may also dictate what kind of firmness and support you need. Different body parts and pressure points are triggered by how you sleep — if you lay on your back your weight is pretty evenly distributed, but on your side or stomach, it can aggravate your lower back, hips, and shoulders. 


Mattress Materials

There are a variety of mattress materials that contribute to how supportive or firm a mattress is, let’s look at a couple of them more closely.


Is memory foam good for lower back pain?

Memory foam is a great option if you’re dealing with lower back pain, with the high-density varieties being the best. 


Innerspring Mattress Options 

Apart from memory foam, individually encased coils are a wonderful solution and are very popular for those who need lower back support — the more spring coils the better! 


Hybrid Mattress Options

Get the best of a memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress coils with a hybrid! A hybrid mattress places the coils at the base of the mattress and layers memory foam on top for the support and softness many people love! 


Back pain is a widespread health issue for many Americans so it’s vital that you’re sleeping on a supportive mattress that is not worn or sagging. Memory foam and innerspring mattresses are a lovely option to help ease lower back pain. 


For more information on the mattresses we carry for lower back pain, connect with us at iRize today!  

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